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Joy and happiness comes as a result of peace. A peaceful community is said to action oriented.

People tend to invest their resources in such communities because they have the hope of reaping the benefits in the years to come.

A peaceful environment brings about unity. Unity is said to be the oneness or the togetherness of a group of people in achieving a common goal.

The aim of achieving a common goal makes us to come together with different ideas and strategies.

We try as much as possible to employ the best idea that will suit the interest of the communities we find ourselves.

The interest of the people being one, makes  us to devote our time, skills and energy in order manifest our ideas.

Development that brings about improvement in the standard of living of a particular group of people is said to be present in a peaceful community.

A peaceful community attracts people from different places with different ideas, strategies and techniques .

These people also tend to contribute positively to the development of the communities they find themselves.

I therefore define a peaceful community as an action base.

A community where there is always disagreement between a group of people is said to be unpeaceful.

Disagreement grows to become argument, argument grows to become conflict and conflict finally grows to become war.

A community that is unpeaceful always instills fear into the system of the people living in it. As a result, once the people are living in fear, they will not be prepared to invest their resources in any developmental projects in the communities they find themselves.

A community where two or more groups fight each other, may cause innocent people to lose their lives. Bringing an extreme pain and sorrow to the families left behind.

Children with bright future may lose their lives in the process of fighting. 

It is said children are the future leaders. If these children end up losing their lives as a result of some senseless  and disgusting misunderstanding, then all I can say is shame on the heads of such groups and most especially to its members.

Business and properties toiled and laboured for years might be destroyed and condemned in a twinkle of an eye.

Hmm, how can a fellow human being be soo heartless and inhumane? I say confidently that those people do not have souls and as such, they are like the devil on two feet.

Ooh people!!!  why do we have to fight when all it brings is pain, sorrow, broken heart and many more.

Hmm, who can point out one benefit of fighting? If you can then call a press conference and invite me as your guest as you deliver your speech on the importance of fighting. But if there is no one to perform my little assignment, then why do we rather spend our time, energy and resources into killing each other and destroying the properties we have toiled for several years.

Isn't it shameful and barbaric for us to fight seeing all the bad and horrible things it might bring to us? Ooh, can't we see the numerous negative  effects of fighting?

I believe we all have hearts and souls one way or the other. I also believe that we all have a little bit of compassion left in our hearts. Can't we feel the pain of our brothers and sisters? Instead of fighting, why don't we try as much as possible to our course into doing something good and profitable that will bring a bring a positive impact on the generations to come.

I believe we can do more than this. Let us try to live in harmony with one another.

Let us learn to say sorry even when we are right. I strongly believe that this is a great step of living a peaceful life..  

Thank You

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