I love you lots, cos you mean lots


I love you lots

Cos you mean lots

We are brother

And sister

We play around lots

Climbing up the curtains


Scratching lots

The two legs

Don’t like it a lot

But they are stuck with us now

The wanted two sweet kittens

To keep them company

Sit on their laps

On their bed

On their head

And shoulders

They keep us well fed

With a lovely warm bed

Right by the fireside

Cozy and warm

They like seeing us playing

And pretend fighting

But when we nuzzle like this

They go all coooeeeee

And silly softeeee

Saying silly things like

O aren’t they cute



And all that stuff

Little do they know

That we love them so

As well

So let’s keep nuzzling

Just for the show

Oh by the way your nose is cold

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

24th October 2014

All Rights Reserved


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