Tertiary Harmonics



Poetry for PowerPoint


     1.) Gleaming, like some hellish Bozo Rising
           Like a bad tooth from the gums of ignorance,
           They march — spilling outward across the World Wide Web,
           Misinformation that no nothingness knows
           Reeking of the ripeness of Yeats' vision of the Best and the Worst.

     2.) How UN-cleverly alluding
           How RE-tritely including
           How DIS-letterly precluding


     1.) I found Chomsky one day buried
            in a little tea party site
            displayed, to my dismay
            without Alice and Queen,
            but with Zombies and gore galore.

     2.) I have seen with my very own eyes and have heard
           with my very own ears the piercing cry
           of vampires slain by the hand
           of an angry Abraham Lincoln.


     1.) Reeling from the juxtaposing metaphors
           Driving historical rememberances
           Competing in the cerebellum for motor control,
           I begin to giggle, giddy and fearful.

     2.) Before me rise the Towers of America
           Shining of glass and polished metal
           Bruising the sky
           Sucking energy at the great teat of Exxon.

     3.) George Washington adopts Curtis
           Who fathers Mary
           Who marries Robert E. Lee;
           Row after row the fallen
           Gather for Arlington.

     4.) And Mary Lee
           under her favorite tree
           smells the jasmine
           one last time.

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