2017 Election Results.



This piece is my first political piece. I wrote it to get out emotions about how I felt when The 2017 election results came about. I just started and finished it recently. Whether you agree or not, This is how I feel. I think as far as the writing goes, it turned out quite well. Thank you.

On broken wings I soar.
The words of the tyrant,
Shattering my feathered body
More and more.
Every Syllable he utters
Sears my soul and burns.
The tears fly away,
My spine shudders
as every sound from those lips
Brings a sob from my own.
They shatter my feathered wings.
As the masses gather
They flock, hatred has been sown
into each and every heart.
They all scream to his words
In zealotry and fanatic rhythms.
My hopes and dreams, seem to end
Each time The Tyrant’s speeches start.
On broken wings, I begin to fall.
Every fractured feather chipped,
Falling like sparkling glass around me.
The Anger, Fear, indomitable Rage…
Causes the world to sputter and stall.
I look around, and all I see
Are other dreams, falling down with me.

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