Last Dance



A monologue of sorts from an older brother before he dances with his little sister at her wedding...

When I found out you were leaving, I cried.
I cried, not because I was losing you, or because I was sad,
or because there was a longing I was letting go of...
none of those things.

I cried because I watched you exhale those warm words to me.

To me, and that wasn't a smile on your face;
the corners of your mouth showed so much more to me
than happiness.

And happiness like that only comes one time in your life:
your life, which has had so many chances that others
took for granted, and left you feeling alone,
and made you cry;

which is why I cried when you said you were leaving.

I cried because I knew at that moment your soul met her mate,
and she knew deep within her core that this is the one...
There is no mistaking that feeling...

I cried, also because I watched you grow
from that little girl into who you are, now,
and you will always be my little sister,
and I'm not ready to call you a woman,
and I cried because I have to, now...

Because you are.

So as I take this last dance with you,
please give my regards to the groom,
as I give you over, know that I will
always be here for you...

For both of you.

And one more thing?

I am proud of you.

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