Woke up wet and grinning...again!



Call me fishy, I just love Monday mornings.


 Recluse means removed! I still have some brain!

Though no clue and bemused how the world went insane.

Views from the news is another fish's vein.

I spew what I choose and from blues, I refrain.


 I know we have troubles. I am not naive.

Why I blow bubbles is to try and relieve

some of the sea foam that's SpLaShed! on our sleeve.

Levity and aroma is just the style I believe.


 Awake and aware, I really do care!

There's many out there with news items to share

but when there's some scare or it's too much to bear

this fishy fare is where I dare lighten the air.

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There's more where that came from!