Casual Affair



Past relationship and how they affect new ones...

Shaking with fear from the words that have been said

Fear of being loved so turns to rejection instead

It's easier to push people away

Than to actually let them get to know her and stay


Her past haunts her from the hurt and the pain

Feels she living her life in vain

She lives her life solitarily,

To save her love for the one that is true


That takes their time to fully understand

Just exactly why she is a different entity

Looking for deeper soul connections

So she will reveal all her affection


She is cold to touch, heart of fire

Caging all her desire

Searching for someone deeper, true

To understand all she'd been through


Souls cross for a reason

This time one breezed in

And as quickly as it entered, soon departed

Left her bemused, slightly fainthearted



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