Eye of The Hurricane



You speak in tongues without a word And move mountains in your sleep.My eyes crave you but I Can only taste your passion. How magnificent the essence of Your presence is.A legacy that lies dormant within Our equations and boo...

You speak in tongues without a word 
And move mountains in your sleep.

My eyes crave you but I 
Can only taste your passion. 
How magnificent the essence of 
Your presence is.

A legacy that lies dormant within 
Our equations and books, yet 
We fear the existence

An insentient being that moves 
The earth, 
The oceans, 
It is your inaction alone 
That brings out the beasts in me.

Only you know where my demons lie, 
Forever keeping my secrets safe

It is purely in your existence that 
The earth shudders and for that I envy you
Whirlwinds could bring barrenness, 
New purpose, 
New life.

I could sculpt new visions and infiltrate 
The old and unquestioned.
Teach me the art of motion without force and 
How to conquer empires unscathed

To be driven by a simple dream so pure. 
Make me the catalyst that is you. 
We could travel our separate ways. 
You can head South. 
I’ll travel to the East. 
Let us surrender ourselves to chance and 
Someday if you remember me 
And I am searching for you,

we’ll collide and escape our madness 
Eye in eye 
To watch the world burn

Only you know my little secrets 
Though you may not have the words. 
Uncage my demons.
Set my darkness free 
To transcend into the light of chaos and peace. 
Perhaps someday you will feel 
My wordless whispers too.

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