Another lyric.

Baby got the cancer

With its attendant ills

Deep within the vessel

Where human sadness spills

Morphine in the syringe

Along with morphine pills

Not just pain but brain

All this medication kills

Don’t forget to take your meds

You know that they’re good for you

Clear thinking for clouded heads

Shut you up not restore you

Mommy got so sad then

They said she was depressed

Such a tragedy can

Leave a mind distressed

So she was prescribed Prozac

Her mind became possessed

Through chemical controllers

She’s induced to ingest

Did you forget to take your meds

You know there are more for you

TV doctors, pans with beds

It shows they don’t ignore you

Daddy got dementia

Some pressures far too vast

His world crashing down

The horrid die was cast

The final hiding place

A life’s sadness amassed

Comatose through chemistry

Until the problem’s past

Remember when you take your meds

Many options explore you

Protections should you end up deads

The warning label for you

Never take Miflexadril

Without 2 chlorpozinate

If it makes you very ill

Probably something that you ate

While taking floreznopan

Always be sure to segregate

All the other drugs you’re on

As conditions indicate

Never forget to take your meds

The medias implore you

Chemist tested approved by feds

Soma was created for you


© 2014

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