Today's Musical Selection Will Be...



Every one of us has a personal soundtrack. It gets us through the day, the night or even our lives. My own soundtrack changes daily to mirror my internal weather. And yours would be...? lmr

Do  strange  fingers  ever  reach  out  to
Stroke  some  sleeping 
Ache, lodged within
Your Soul? 

Does a tear ever make a clearly distinct noise
As it crawls… before falling 
In a singular ping of 
A triangle's 

If the written word were a strain of music, 
Arranged to echo the sound of your
Essence, what tune would it 
Assume? What instrument,
What timbre would suit 
The voice of your

Would you strum your strings softly 
Or bleat your horn, loudly? 
Would you swiftly strike 
Every key upon your 
Spirit piano, like a 

If  spoken  words  were  music, what 
Sound would you affect? The vibrato 
Of a cello? The rhymic pounding of 
Drum? Perhaps a bass 
With its resounding 

If your emotions were a symphony, 
Would they thunder in dissonance, 
Vibrate with sound and righteous 
Fury… Or stew and brew 
Like Miles Davis' 

Me? I am muting today, deep in my own 
Blue instrumental jam. I am a hobo's 
Trumpet… Awaiting the lips of 
A muse to stroke me sweetly, 
And blow upon my 

I am a solo sound with    no   direction… lyrics
Mirroring the shadows of  my introspection.
I  am  this    wild note,  cast to 
A    mercurial  wind.   I  am 
The distant reverberation
From a faraway 


Perhaps… this is my most authentic 
Resonance … the genuine tone 
Trapped within the solitary riffs 
Of my lone blown 

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