The Tree



reflection/ old companion

Fingers gliding

Across your rippled bark

Pockets of dried sap

Scent of resin in the air

Roots reaching out, powerful stems

Pushing through the earth in a show of strength

You mighty old thing

What stories you contain

If only you could talk


Branches stretching forever

Shed of your summer coat

Gnarled, withered, simulating death

Caught in deep slumber

Waiting for the first bleat of spring


You watch over this land

Silent, unperturbed

Never complaining

I wonder how you feel

All those buried emotions

Chronicles of history riding on your rings

Your age unknown

My motionless friend


We come and go

Yet you stay strong

My father

My father's father

The list goes on

Growing lineage

All under your guiding presence

Grandchildren dancing around you

Like a midnight ritual

Inauguration of new souls


The old swing remains

A relic of days gone by 

Recapping summers past

Faint memories of childhood

Friends who now live in cemeteries

Headstones eroded with age


Old tree, my faithful companion

Look after my kin, cherish them well

I will always think of you

Even after my passing

As I rise from the ashes

And depart this world

I hope your stay is eternal

And peace stays on this pleasant land

As seasons pass, time tagging along


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