lost love

You are my life's
Most valuable memory,
Despite the fact that,
You are not with me any longer,
I don't need you to be my past,
The day you left,
Every one of my apprehensions,
Worked out as expected.
I don't realize what to do,
In depression, I'm choking.
I cleanse my feelings, as I cry,
My mind echoed with your sweet voice.
As though you were not far, but rather close,

Why did those wonderful things, need to end,
Our kisses, so marvelous and sentimental,
Our embraces, so warm and encouraging,
It was so charming and delightful,
I had everything, but now, I have nothing,
Except those sweet memories.
My attempts to forget you never saw success.
Rather than draining,
My love for you developed.
How could I let you go?
Why did You say goodbye?


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