Spoken Snippets



spoken snippets

confined to airline

flying time

can be upsetting affairs

up overhead

often overheard

over engine noise

and other nonsense


the herd instinct

is quite distinct

in most conversational cases

but best left ignored

or overlooked

especially if voyeuristic

views can be took


on the odd occasion

one is implored

to intervene on behalf

of the greater good

and the youth of today

before they sour

the news o’ tomorra


so pipe up i must

from time to time

vituperating and railing

against the vagaries

of vicious free marketeers

and trans-neo-liberalis-



after one such

heated episode

in retrospect

i was loathe to behold

that the parting smirk

on this jerk’s face

was due to a

bit of naughty delight

and not as i thought because

i fought the good fight


believing i’d retaliated successfully

against this corporate dick

thinking naturally i’d won

with my flawless argument

superior rhetoric

and biting acerbic wit

it was only after

i departed in a flurry

and caught a lurid glimpse

of my breast

that i realised in horror

that that smarmy grin

on his gob

was begot not

by my tantalising

opinion-turning tirade

but because

i was unknowingly

flashing that fucker

my big buttonhole tits

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