Actually Without you I feel so alone So I cling to anybody Who's ready To be a parasite Until you return Is my life throughout the day I simply trust you see I adore you to such an extent That I miss ...

Without you 
I feel so alone 
So I cling to anybody 
Who's ready 
To be a parasite 
Until you return 
Is my life throughout the day 
I simply trust you see 
I adore you to such an extent 
That I miss you most 
At the point when your away 
My body complete self 
Attempt to supplant you 
in any case, I simply need to investigate your eyes 
To be close 
With them 
I embrace 
Also, jab 
Also, pull 
Also, giggle oddly 
They're not you 
They don't finish me 
As you do.

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