Bob, the k-cup Bandit



Sad tale of the account rep stealing k-cups

Gather round children, let me spare you some grief,

With the lesson of a k-cup office thief,

Most folks want office perks while others demand it,

Like the client service rep they called Bob the Bandit,

Bob felt if he worked hard for them, they would owe,

His salary and bonus and free cups-o’-joe,

So he jockeyed for position in the old rat race,

And after hours shoveled k-cups into his briefcase,

He kept quiet in the office coffee shortage contention,

Raided the k-cup supply box when no one paid attention,

The admin swore on the grave of her dear grand-paw,

That she would catch the wicked thief and lay down the law,

On the morning of the shipment of Nantucket blend,

The admin, she staked out, ready to apprehend,

Bob the Bandit looked around, to the right and the left,

And he smiled when the admin grabbed his wrist mid-theft,

“’Bout time” he boldly stated, fighting back the tears,

‘I ain’t scared and I ain’t paid for coffee in years”,

But we all know he was scared as they dragged him away,

What would all the other client service reps say,

So kids, hope you arrived at the same conclusion,

Never steal just to fuel your caffeine infusion,

The temptation is tough but if you can withstand it,

You can avoid the sad fate of Bob the Bandit.

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