In The Rain



Love, all-consuming, building in passion, until at last quenched by that first kiss.

I came to wake you from your sleep.

To trumpet ardour from my heart;

To taste your full lips long and deep.


My adoration from the start

Was yours to own; to waste; to keep.

My fondest hope, to win your heart!


You move about my waking world;

Disrupt my mind with what may seem

To be a wanton will en-whirled.


My heartbeat quickens! Love redeemed!

My passion for your love unfurled

Envelopes all my waking dreams


You tease me just a wit, in wile,

As now I catch you glance my way,

And there! A glimmer of a smile.


Your eyes, so deep, I’m in their sway.

You move and I’m at once, beguiled.

I dream of you both night and day!


The thought of you, as with your scent,

Intoxicates my captive brain

I cherish you in love, knees bent.


Though storm clouds gather o’er the plain,

At last you, in my arms relent.

I kiss you in the rain.

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