The Cuckoo Clock



Poetry of a elderly woman waiting for her son to come home from war

She sits staring out the window ,
Waiting patiently once more.
The cuckoo clock chimes three,
He has never been this late before.

She pulls out the crumpled letter...................
Dear Mrs Mason
About your beloved son.
We regret to inform you
He was killed in the line of duty
By a snipers gun.

Tears start to flow down her cheeks
This can't be true
It seems like only yesterday
That you lost your very first tooth.

I remember when I held your hand
And kissed you on the cheek.
Packed your lunch for your first day of school
Placed a bandage on your bruised knee.......

I remember reading bed time stories
You just loved Peter Pan.
Told me you was going to be a soldier one day
When you grew up and became a man..........

I remember when you won your first race
I was as proud as I could be
You pinned the ribbon on my chest
Said ,this is a present to you mum !!!!
Thanks for believing in me...............

I remember when you played in the rain
You were drenched from head to toe
I remember the amazement and excitement in your eyes
When you seen your first ever rainbow.................

Remember that I will always love you ,
Right to my dyeing day.
I know my memory's not the same anymore
And my body is frail with age.

The letter that arrived in the mail
Must not be for meant for me
You would be back before I know it you said
Before the cuckoo clock chimes three.....................


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