Spinning midnight silk/Here. And There



25/9/16 An expression of an image that has been circling around in my head for a couple of days, featuring images of blackness and the feeling of needing to do something and not knowing why.

Reaching a hand out 

into a darkness,

like ink.

Its hard edges

obvious and sharp,

there is a definite here

and a very definite there.

I extend my arm,

bare skin prickling,

hairs on end,


I extend my fingers,

stretching them out

feeling for...

This icy cold blackness,

like the deepest, stillest pool

in the middle of the darkest forest,

My eyes cannot penetrate it,

but my mind's eye makes wonders,

spins magic out of this

midnight silk.

I reach out.

Bare skin prickling.

Into nothing.

My muscles and tendons straining.

I reach out.

I know I must but not why.

I reach out... and find you.

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