Christmas Eve



Christmas Poem 2017



If you creep down the stairs

In the middle of the night

You might hear the sound

Of reindeer in flight

A sleigh bell or two

And a laugh, you know who

It's that quiet time

Before the clock chimes

When the hand strikes the twelve

The time of the Elves

From now until dawn

When Christmas magic is born

For you and for me

It's Santa, can't you see?

The mince pie is gone

The carrot as well

Don't tell me you blinked

Hidden there on the stair

You missed seeing Santa

Sat there on the chair

Have no fear, don't you know?

It's bad luck to see

How Santa works

Getting gifts to your tree

And besides , it's not over

Soon the sun will be up

Time to wake up the house!

There are gifts to unwrap

Promise me this

That on Christmas Eve

You won't make a sound

And cause Santa to leave

For I don't know about you

But I want to see

A HUGE pile of presents

Sat under my tree!


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