What I've Been Before



This is a creative attempt at the title, but it turned out quite differently, in a way I hope is a small reflection of what happens in life.

Hopeless, the rope was life force, 

this thin thing that runs through every living thing.


Untying the rope before was a master lesson in perceptual shifts,

and now is in that regard no different.


Hope did it take for me to dream,

so much of it that I could uncloud the cosmic wanderings.


And if you believe in 'Christ alone will save us,'

there is The One True Cloud that he alone can bring,

and Heaven will happen 

but I worry about poets speaking of cloud cities

too soon for anybody of this bread to partake.


Love was all I knew

until some jealousies in others led me towards 

my unmaking as I light this wicker candle

I now have known: familiar, 

this feeling has a time limit to it.


Water was never so clear as with her,

though This will douse this young flame,

as thoughts of the love we had would permeate this brain,

this page.


Blue is this ink that writes with comfort,

the sky's reflection in the water the only thing 

her gentle intentions began,

a wave in the form of 'I'm her man,'

the young wave of bigger ones 

enabled by meeting the Great I Am

- in the form of a dove


whose door we opened together

the moment I saw her C...

understanding of Living Water

made possible only with us:

Grape-colored jam.


Blue and red have mixed, 

as I await her hand.


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