Forty Five



If presidential legacies were tied to their number of succession to the Office. Some may disagree with my characterizations :), but I do acknowledge there is much more to these men than the few lines I've assigned to each.



went from silver screen to Commander in chief

from hostage scandal to the Iron Curtain

the Cold War birthed his famous words

“…tear down this wall!”


Forty One

a young naval aviator marked by Pearl Harbor

who later made millions from black gold

led us to the oil fields of the Persian Gulf

to liberate it’s…people


Forty Two

the first Baby Boomer

in the highest Office of the land

a champion of welfare and the young

sadly, took advantage of one


Forty Three

put the ‘W’ in the 'War on Terror’

and pursued the ‘Axis of Evil’

left no child behind, but started two wars

“Mission Accomplished” was his mantra


Forty Four

a son of the Pacific and Africa alike

brought death to terrorists and healthcare to millions

the first man of color embraced the Office with dignity

Egalitarian speaking from a House built by slaves


Forty Five

a man who came from privilege 

real estate magnate and blowhard provocateur

son of an immigrant, now come full circle

says "We're gonna build a wall!”



 Forty Five © 2017 by Kris Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

 Posted January 28, 2017



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