I know who...?



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21/8/16 When you think you know yourself...

There is a stranger
living inside my head.
He has thoughts and feelings,
He uses my body for his own purposes.
I am a puppet to his whims.
He keeps so many deep secrets from me.
I can feel them,
Like scabies, crawling beneath the surface.
Niggling and biting.
I reach a tentative hand in there,
Deep into my self,
Some unseen force slaps it away,
I withdraw hurriedly,
In shock I examine my bloodied stump,
It has been bitten, gouged and hacked at...
Who did this? Me?
I shyly retreat, injured and maimed...
Surely this is an anomaly.
I am asking questions of myself
and I have no answers.
I direct my gaze inward,
I try to...
I fail.
I cannot see through, I cannot penetrate
The Black Fog
Behind my eyes
And my inward gaze gets turned,
Redirected by something
Stronger than me.

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