Muffled snickers bubbling from sub-whiskered chins.



Ha! I just can't help it. Extra wide, antimatter, super-uber groovin', iridescence grins!


I'm B.O'.B. I float Really good at it too.

Also called O'Bloat but, I leave that to you.

My job's to take notes of iffy things you humans do,

and try not to make jokes, though, pretty cruel to put me through...


 Busy, I've been! Had one pen ignite!

Dizzying when, home's a Saturnian satellite.

Seems half you can't see that there's so much not right.

Even with Namazu to teach me, this keeps us both up at night.


 Judge, I do not. Wherever I go.

The objective I've got is to endeavor to know.

You've confused me a lot with your uncontrolled ebb and floe

but, use of the "love thing" you've got, for what I know, stole the show.



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There's more where that came from!