The Old Bach/Crib Fridge



The old family Bach is now over 100 years old in Hurunui South Island of New Zealand, it use to be a post office till my Great Uncle Ben brought it. The Stories it could tell.

Oh, what stories it could tell.

No longer plugged in as days went by

But replaced with a newer model

With alas a freezer too

Many beers have been cooled or even split,

It’s been part of the family,

 In good times and bad,

Christmas it loved,

 As its shelves were stacked to the max,

 Often even overflowing,

 People sang around it,

 And even cried on it.

 It was once the honour of the family,

No longer the cold box in the pantry,

 Now a real fridge,

Often it was the first fridge in the neighbourhood

Even at the local Hurunui Pub.

 People gathered for their holiday of a lifetime,

And often their children and their children would come later in life,

 Soon the old fridge couldn’t keep up with demand,

As the numbers grew and new models came,

 The fridge sat idle for a long time,

 Then one day, 

A plan was hatched to use it once more,

 Not as a fridge,

 But as a pantry to keep the mice out. 

The fridge,

If only could talk was proud as punch,

As it sat in the lounge,

 In a place of honour,

While the newer model sat in the kitchen for no one to see.

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