Abscence sometimes sparks desire — passion plus love equals explosions!!

Trying to be diverse in my literary endeavor — hope you enjoy!!


He walked in the door with a key from long ago. How unexpected this visit, for we had not seen each other in months. I lay spread out on the couch reading but when I looked up into his eyes, I knew exactly what he had in mind.

Strolling over to the couch without a word from his lips, his eyes alone speaking what he felt anticipation rising from my core. He had been on a mission I had not been entitled to know but he was back at long last and from the look in his eyes I knew this night would be a blast.

Reaching me there, he grabbed my hair and my arm and pulled me up firmly against him. I had missed him so much just the touch had fires burning wildly inside. He leaned down and placed his lips against my neck breathing in my scent. Lips caressing my smooth skin as I trembled with expectation.

Moving upwards, whispering in my ear how much he had missed me butterfly kisses placed along the way until his lips met mines. In that moment liquid flowed in me like melting butter from the heat. My arms encircled his neck and I gave, as good as I got. When he finally released my lips, I expressed how much I had missed him too.

No words beyond those expressed where necessary as we moved hands and lips in the urgency of our passions. He made the first move by unbuttoning my blouse, slowly, as he looked into my eyes with a lustful smirk. I reached for his belt but he swept my hands away.

“I just want to witness what I have been missing” is what he told me. I allowed his eyes to feast as he disrobed me, placing kisses here and there along the way as he breathed me in and out my knees affecting my equilibrium as I leaned into him for support. Gently he unbuttoned my pants and forced them down along with my underpants.

In his haste to culminated this first time in a long time he simply turned me around pushing my legs apart with his leg and entered me with the force of a hammer pounding on the head of a nail. I was moist by then and he slid right in with ease and a force that took my breath away.

That did not stop him as he rode me with the vigor that he knew I enjoyed. I could do no more than meet his needs with motions of my own. I pushed back allowing him entrance, spread my legs even more for him to fully reach his destination. I spoke to him then telling him how good it felt begging for harder thrust while expressing how I had been waiting for this.

Fighting the whirlpool of emotion attempting to make it last for as long as I could as chills enveloped me and I rose above the world. At the exact moment I felt about to explode, he pulled out, flipped me over and laid me down on the couch, looking me in my eyes he expressed the need to taste me and as he removed my pants and spread my legs, his tongue danced around what he had just had.

Standing at attention, he fluttered his tongue and nibbled on my most sensitive part. Taking it between his teeth sending me on a wild shudder of ecstasy as he reached up to squeeze my nipples hard – the pain was so delicious I could only moan and call out his name. I barely heard him as he muttered the words “baby you taste so good”. He continued his endeavor as he pushed three fingers in and I rode his hand. I was being stroked at every point of my erogenous zones.

I could not stop the explosion that occurred, waves smashing against the shore of my very essence again and again as I surrendered to the bliss I was achieving. So wrapped up in what I was feeling I didn’t even notice when he stopped and before I knew it he had risen and entered me with a force that took all that I had stored up.

He emptied himself inside me while gazing into my eyes before collapsing to my side and pulling me close to him rubbing my forehead with his hand. “Well worth the wait” was all that I could say as we laid there exhausted yet still titillated, even mesmerize by our exchange.


© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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