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It will be the thirty-nine years this August sixteenth since Elvis Presley’s death and I am sharing this because I had an aunt & uncle that grew up, met and were married listening to his music. In fact, they loved Elvis’s music their entire lives and managed to get just about everyone on both sides of their family’s hooked on him.

They were together for more than forty-five years and both worked extremely hard, struggled to get everything they had, were generous to a fault and always had a very welcoming home.

It was just before my aunt was about to retire that they both decided to sell their original family home in the city and buy their dream house on the water in a small country village.

They had only spent a single summer there when the unthinkable happened, one very foggy November morning my aunt left for work and being unfamiliar with the roads, coupled with the intense amount of fog, accidentally rolled her car through a stop sign and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

She died instantly, leaving behind her husband, three adult children, seven grand children, three sisters, a brother, numerous sister & brother in-laws, dozens of nieces & nephews, and many friends.

I was asked to speak at her funeral and was faced with the incredible honor, and unenviable task of trying to convey my own feelings, as well as everyone else’s during this very emotional time.

This is what I decided to say, I sincerely hope it brings solace to those who grieve and inspires others to take a moment to like, share and tweet this post, especially on behalf of anyone grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of a person dear to their own heart.

If Not For You

If not for you we may never have known,

The magic in marrying ones soul mate,
The pleasure of a sister in-laws company
Or the laughter shared with an aunt.

We would not have felt,

The delight in a mother’s joy,
The passion of a grandmother’s pride.
Or the sorrow in her loss.

If not for you, we may never have seen,

The compassion and generosity of one
Who could not always, afford to give.
Or the worry that came with both.

We could not have shared,

The depth of a sister’s love,
The grief in a friend’s passing
Or the anguish of a relationship lost.

If not for you, we would have nothing to rejoice.

©2005 Richard Lawrence Belford

It will be eleven years this coming November sixteenth since that tragic day and three years ago this past January, also on the sixteenth that her husband passed away.

I can still remember listening to Elvis’s song; Loving Arms the day my uncle died. It’s amazing how a song, coupled with the same dates that my aunt and uncle passed away on, can magically captivate the essence of their lives. I am grateful for having known them, and miss them both.

 About the Author: Richard Lawrence Belford is an Inspirational Writer who has been on a nineteen year creative journey that has allowed him to become well-published. A journey that’s been fueled by his genuine desire to provide faith, comfort & hope to those in grief.

His inspirational writings have been illustrated with photography on a series of wall décor products beautifully designed by Reed Photo Art & Imaging Inc that are professionally printed on metallic photographic paper with a UV protective laminate with a contemporary black beveled edge.

“If Not For You” is available at: amazon.com and signsforyourlife.com or purchased wholesale in various sizes by registering at: asignofwisdom.com.

A complete collection of their equally inspiring wall decor products featuring Richard’s writings can be viewed by visiting his website’s product gallery at the following link: www.richardlawrencebelford.ca/product-gallery.php

Richard has also written a bereavement book that includes a collection of his inspirational parables, accompanied by his stories behind their creation. It is entitled; “It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later.”

A parable by definition is a symbolic short story that illustrates or teaches some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. He trusts that his parables, along with these stories will stir some emotions in you that we’ve all felt, emotions that can help bring some small measure of solace to those suffering the loss of someone dear to their heart.

Richard is actively looking to partner with a publishing company and hopes to have his book published in the near future. In the meantime, he invites you to follow him on twitter @RichardLBelford and check out his Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/RichardLawrenceBelford.

He can be contacted by email at: info@richardlawrencebelford.ca or you can visit his website at: www.richardlawrencebelford.ca additional information.

 “ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou ~


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