Passion on a low burn to high.

Eyes that burn amber aflame

Feline Hunger Shines

Hunting, breath warm in the air

The mist rises deep in the night

She purrs, he growls


Taut bowstring, loosed arrow

In finding its mark, it sings

Notes of challenge notes of desire

He circles his prey the flame is high

Empty world tonight, full of stars

Ferocious wanting, roar for more

Find me, if you can


She runs, leonine grace in motion

The male gives chase but he knows

The game is for those who will win

He felt her, he knows her,

To know is to want

For him to prove himself worthy


Low growl in the night

She tests his resolve

Closer, my love


The leaves tremble on the trees

Her heat draws him near

The hunter takes his prey

She surrenders

He draws her down, pinning her beneath his maleness


Her eyes show challenge even now, even now

It has been a long wait

Moist hunger in her gaze

Pleading for release, he toys with her

Is this what you want?


Poised at the threshold of the cave

The cat waits, stroking its fur

Shriek of madness rents the air

Dire thrusting no retreat

Violent passions

Fierce in their coupling

Tongues, claws and teeth, oh my

Pulling, drawing down, deeper

Deeper still to the center


Surrender to me, yes

Show me, he growls

Teeth marks in his shoulder, she draws blood


To demonstrate her point

He enters the cave, dark mysterious

Claws hold him down, hold him still

He fills her, completes her

Brown and Green

The night passes


Time stops, time slows down

Warmth of bodies alive

Warmth of bodies touching

Lips teasing lips devouring

A moment of passion in a night


He holds her close, his mysterious lover

She trembles in his embrace

Hungering for more, she stills

In the haven of his arms, she stills

She is his now, the surrender sweet.







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