I wish that I was dust



This poem is a tribute to those children orphaned in war torn countries in the world like Syria, Palestine and many others

I wish that I was dust
Not of flesh and bone and blood
I wish I had a different face
I wish that I was not of this race
Maybe then you could see
That I have blood inside of me
That I need food inside of me
Then, you would hear my cries
Maybe then, you would dry my eyes
I need not play with any toys
Or wear nice clothes like normal boys
A piece of cloth that will do
To crawl under when I am cold
I need not show you what I've seen
This is buried inside of me
I wish you could see that

I am alone
I wish I did not see my mother being torn
I wish that I was un born
All of this will end I know
May be one day I will grow
Maybe one day I will be free
From this flesh and bone and blood and hurt inside of me

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