/ war

the last moments of a surviving soldier as he lays dying.


How terribly sad

when life is near its end

and all that went seemed bad

I never wanted to offend


what moments passed me by

opportunity knocked then left

I could not even try

to repay a simple debt


I see those moments in flight

as my life ebbs to and fro

all I could do was what was right

your sacrifice gave me more than you would know


your gun raised impetuously

whilst mine fell to the ground

your blood spilt gloriously

A cry, blood, the shot resounding sound


you saved me then

and I lived in your honour

a life full I did spend

on Anzac day I drink under our banner


Now age has me bent, gnarled

my family all around me

How well I have fared

they are the jewels of a survivor for all to see


thank you my friend

I weep for your loss

forever in the end

like the two-up coin toss


I now walk at your side 

with those others that went

we are young full of life

arms entwined, my life well spent.





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