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I wrote this for to go in the 2nd book of my Dementia series. Plus it was the way I was feeling the day I wrote it, and sometimes how I still feel.

I'm like a doll shattered
Torn apart
No one can pick me up
Or put me back together
My heart is missing the key element
Begin a doll shattered
No one see's the real me
I hide
The real me
Under the shattered pieces
Why can't you
Just see what
You need to see
Remove the shatter pieces
One by one
To reveal
What's hidden underneath
Shattered apart
Nothing can stop
What ills me
I wanna be the doll
With no heart
On the floor
Torn apart
No one can
Put me
Back together again
My shattered heart
Will never heal
This doll that
I don't wanna be
Shattered no more
Just the doll
Without a heart
I'm just a doll
Without a heart

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