True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



I wrote this poem when I asked God to help me to coupe with the death of my daughter.



My eyes I close and pray , so I won't go astray.

My hands I lift in praise so peace may come my way.

My fingers points to heaven where my help comes from.

My faith is rewarded with God's revelations, even in the storm.


I hear the voice of God saying, 'Don't be dismayed.'

I hear Him say, ' All is well, don't be afraid.'

I hear Him say, ' I am the captain of your lifeboat.'

I hear Him say , ' Your loved ones await, without a doubt.'


I see them wave , I see their joy; it takes my breath away .

I see God's delight , peace and victory all the way .

I see the promise of God , endless and overwhelming .

I see God , the King of  Kings,clothed in light, shining bright .

I know my faith has benefited me .


Eternal God , to You glory be .

Written by : Patricia Sandra Bunting


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