Doll: a Poem to a Manufacturer of Dolls



Doll reflects identity That one can, will, has an opportunity                               &n...

Doll reflects identity

That one can, will, has an opportunity                                   

to become.


The identity

of a doll refers to women                                           


to a woman     becoming,

to a man becoming and is constructed,

supported by other forms of                          

the mass production of images

(of media)

bought and sold.


What characteristics does s/he as doll

exhibit? What role(s)

does she as doll fulfill?

And how is that

expectation of fulfillment

communicated in “real life,”

the external world?


How could playing

with a doll

in a context not

dictated by (you)  the manufacturer              

subvert or transform

the meaning(fullness)

of her identity,

of her role

of her?


How could that form of play                                                                         

be considered



How could that (deviance) reflect the future

of a woman(‘s)

identity, role, play?



All Rights Reserved, Jyl Ion.

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