Lighting Candles



In Rememberance.......

Lighting Candles


Today I light two candles

Brightly shining

Dancing in the night

One to light my way

Guiding me on my journey

Lighting my path

Helping me to place my steps

On this shaky ground

Trying not to fall

On this road that

Is leading me to you

Only stopping along the way

To say a silent prayer

When I feel like I cannot

Take another step

I know that I came not completely alone

The second candle

I light today

In rememberance

Of a loved one long since lost

Never to return again

Closing my eyes

Silently sending up

Another prayer

Wishing the pain would ease

A comfort knowing

That even though you are not here

I always have you watching over me

There are times

I talk to you often

I can still feel you here

Like you are letting me know

That everything will be okay

Cause you are still here with me

A comfort and there is hope

In the simple thing

Of lighting these

Two candle today



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