The Soul-less Millions a/k/a robots



Beat poet Tony C explores the idea that most people wandering around this planet are soul-less robots, no longer capable of independent thought, due to years of indoctrination through education and propaganda through the media and the puppeteers who pull the strings.


The soul-less millions
who wander aimlessly
around the streets
dressed as they should
believing what they’ve been told
doing what they think is right
acting like the others
obedient robots, controlled

The mindless masses
following the leader
pinning the tail on the donkey
thinking chemically
angrily chanting
religiously watching
without independent thoughts
absent of consciousness

Random instructions from
viral and trending memes
Pressure by the fashionable,
the entertainers and announcers
Believing falsehoods and
brainwashed by double-speak
Hypnotized by
the cult of personality

Biological machines of complexity
with knowledge and abilities
21st Century parlor tricks
for a life of diversion
Locked in time-space forever
without a chance for escape
Lost, forever lost

The indoctrination was successful
The propaganda has been perfected
The pills and potions maintain control
The soul-less are now the majority
The free-thinkers have surrendered
while natural disasters loom
and love has been replaced with hate

The soul-less are the new
the conscious are fleeing
the cosmic giggle awaits you…


© 2017 Tony Caravan


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