A Star Is Born



A baby girl born into this world,Cradled in her mothers arms.No worries no fears,There's only joy.Sooner or later,She learns for herself,Once her age reaches that of adulthood.She has to learn,To live,To experience.The troubles the tears,That life mu...

A baby girl born into this world,
Cradled in her mothers arms.
No worries no fears,
There's only joy.
Sooner or later,
She learns for herself,
Once her age reaches that of adulthood.
She has to learn,
To live,
To experience.
The troubles the tears,
That life must bring.
But never forever,
She gains her mothers wings.
She goes on to greatness,
To stardom.
To fame.
In her mind,
Engraved like a sign.
She remembers her fathers words-
He speaks.
It's just like he's there.
"No matter the struggle-
-No matter the pain-
-Remember we will always love you the same."

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