A Moderne Carole



A new twist on an olden rhyme

'Tis the fourth night e'er the Christmas Eve

And cookies fill the bin.

The morrow brings the last school day

'Til New Year settles in.


Anticipation fills the mind

Of every girl and boy

Who lying, sleeping can't help dreaming

Of a wished-for toy.


And plans are made for dinner parties,

Pastries, drinks and treats,

While little ones bounce off the walls

From eating sundry sweets.


The sparkling tree is brightly speckled,

Lights in twinkly glow.

With presents stacked beneath the boughs

In ribbons and in bows.


The stockings all in red and green

Line the mantle wall

For Santa's midnight rendezvous

To come and fill them all.


And when the longed-for eve arrives

A new snow starts to fall.

It glistens in the silent night

To cover over all.


An opened window on the world

Reveals a lustrous sight

Of magic and of wonder

On this late-December night.


And notions bound about the head

Like sugar plums and 'nog

Of little elves and reindeer sleighs

Come out from winter's fog.


And in the morn, when wee ones wake

Eyes glowing with delight,

Each grown-up will be glad they've had

The peace of this one night.


The candles flicker slowly down

Their flames soon sputter out

As dawn breaks o'er the chimney tops

To rooster's morning shout.


Over cookies, cocoa and childhood glee

With toys in disarray,

A cup is raised in age-old toast

An olden verse to say,


"With hope for peace, goodwill to all

And love for every soul,

May Christmas cheer your wintry heart

And joy to one and all!"

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