When ones control over their decisions and path is blocked, taken from them, a battle to stand and reclaim ones very own existence begins. WARNING ~ Explicit Language~

I am getting up off my fucking knees,

I will no longer stay kneeling in the pools of blood

Yielding to the glorification of people

Who do not deserve the sacrificial honour of my submission.


My honour and integrity is held more safely by me,

When standing tall, non conformed to duped illusions of life and morality.

I held my own proudly and survived my life

The inept hands of dishonour destroyed it,

It is mine, I claim it back, I shall live once again;

I will breathe and stride with purpose to the beat of my heart.


I will portray your worth

With the very existence of my own

I will betray your illusion

With the proclamation of my return

As the true me with life, soul and survival.


Fuck your world

Your web of untruths, your scourge of reality

Is diseased, eaten into your mind and heart

Oozing as bilious sweat and poisonous breath

You soul emanates death

Because the rest of you is dead

© Kartanya Martinez 

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