You wanted to break down my walls.

But you didn’t have to.

I helped you tear them down.

Letting you in was a chance

I was willing to take.

But a mistake, it became.

Because who would’ve guessed

that you could take me,

away from me?

I can no longer feel who I am.

I’ve lost every last piece –

freely given or taken away,

I can’t say with certainty.

You found your way in,

bit by bit you latched onto my roots

and made them your own.

Now we are one entity;

one being, made up

of mirrors unreflective of me.

You live my life.

You steal my glory.

You take my love

and you make it yours.

I’m cast aside.

I’m not significant.

I’m a shell of myself

but you won’t find me inside.

You’ll find you.

Unfamiliar eyes stare back at me,

foreign words slip off my tongue

and all that I once was is gone;

forced onto a path

that you’ve chosen for me,

walking lifelessly,

haunted by the ghost

that once was me.

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