Scriggle Scribbler



When you are down but, not out.

Scriggle Scribbler


I scriggle a scribble to spit tidbits of life off,

An upside down crown where smiles flip flop.

Crashed the car, no fault, boss says fired off.

I try but I am mired down in life's pissed pot.

Count out my malicious multitudinous ways,

A multi-fool, multi-used, daily on display,

Boggy bottomed out, how to make it  out now?

Misused mental descending doubt downs.

Stress blessed me, tested, sight never straight,

Money today paid, yet tomorrow is displaced.

Drowning, pounding, wishing to run away,

Wife's gaze holds pain in her different play.

Same struggle, trouble, together we face fate.

Weather dims we are twins in this life of hate.

Depressions dues are paid, no choice only fight,

This testing, a lesson, be the course of the right.

Strength to stand, band bonds against obstacles,

Letters to weather the seemingly impossible.

I love her loving me so my words turn a page,

Loneliness is phony, too much love is in the way.

Shake off my broken chains, a beast came awake,

The soldier is weary, the man cannot break.

I am a warrior to the beaten, voice of the lost,

Vision to the blind, those river styx crossed.

Clear out the fog, my hunger drives me on,

The worthless birthed this symbol to the strong.


-Cryptic Misfit


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