What law? None that I saw!



I know the secret justice keeps, she knows I know and thus she weeps.

Once she was pure, now she’s fake

It was my illusion, it was my mistake

I will shun it not, this blame I'll take
It took me time, make no mistake
now the die is cast, and I’m awake.
Have you ever been so deeply moved
to see a good man fight yet loose?
I write these words with my sweat and my tears
what I saw my eyes and heard with  my ears.
Have you ever felt such blinding empathy
that to ignore it would destroy you mentally?
I was speechless, appalled after what I saw
in court, entitled men abusing the law.
These pompous men set concrete regimes
the masses are blinded, its not what it seems.
So many men sleep locked in a cold, lonely cell
the oppressors sleep soundly instead of burning in hell.
Justice is meant to be the pillar of the Law
But there is no justice from what I saw.
“The pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions”?
People follow immorality without asking questions!
I never saw an ounce of remorse or guilt in their eyes
When they robbed two men of 25 years of their lives.
I followed the law and kept my anger within me
a man mocked as he spoke, at the judges mercy.
I watched the whole trial and I’ve made up my mind
This whole classist society is destroying mankind.
Maybe one day I will be where that man stood
I vow to behave like a real criminal would…..
I’d put that ordinary man right back in his place,
I would remind him of the life he chose to waste, 
This is eternal payback so now how does it taste?
I hope its as repellent as your 80 year old face.
Until your brave enough to stand and witness
a man robbed of his life with no forgiveness
don’t try and steer me on to the “right path”
thats what's right for- you don’t make me laugh.
How can you all be so carefree and ignorant?
How can you appear so cruel & indifferent?
Well I’m not fickle, my feelings are consistent
all you lot are doing is making me beligerant.
So what lady justice do you suggest for me?
Bite my tongue, lest I be charged unjustly?
I will never back down, I defend, I don’t run
So NO, not a chance of me biting my tongue.
But now I am afraid what's done is done
and from guilt I cannot hide nor can I run.
I must not waiver I must stay strong,
I know I have not done one thing wrong
I chose to fight for his life with fire
When you do, you begin to feel desire.
But soon desire turned into love
This man what everything I had dreamed of.
And it wasn’t at his request, but mine
knowing his life & heart where on the line
I love him, please say theres still time
I pray to you God, he’s only in his prime.


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