Thor's hammer




It made me feel omnipotent,

indestructible and invincible,

even as it destroyed me. 

I was omniscient 

and in being so realised 

I knew nothing. 

This amazing diamond encrusted thing 

With all its adornment

and fascinating design

and intricate decoration

was just a hammer.

It could be used to build

or destroy.

But it was just a hammer.



I tried, I drew all my power,

to throw it away

and it kept coming back,

whispering to me;


I belong to you.

You own me.

I own you.

You belong to me.

Wield me and see what we can create together.

Hold me and see what we can destroy.


So seductive this power...


I will make you.

And unmake you.

And make you again.

We can be reborn.

Join with me. 

Hold me in your hands

and I will know your soul. 


And I did. 

And it did. 


And I am left weakened,

too weak to touch Mjolnir,

Let alone lift it or wield it,

for I am not Thor  

and it is not my hammer.


I am just a weak weak man,

And I will never be worthy. 

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