Mount Panorama



20/12/2016 Bathurst

Driving up, over

and around the mountain. 

The mountain. 

The Mountain. 


The walled road echoes

with the sound of thunderous vee-eights

and zinging turbo sixes

long gone...


Let it be my team or driver who wins!


The ghosts of thousands

of prayers of the faithful linger, 

haunting these hills, grassy slopes

and grandstands. 


This is my first time here but if I squint

I can see the spirits of myriad tents and sleeping bags.

The empty cans, cups and paper bags

flicker in and out of my mind's eye. 


It is all so so quiet and sedate now

as I crawl around the track in my family hatchback,

on these hallowed roads where heroes flew...

but I honour them in my way. 


...and I add my layer of folklore

to the rich tapestry of this revered place.

I have paid my respects to this holiest of holy

Australian legends. 


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