"I" a Poem By L.M. Ross



This poem was a game of emotional password after being given 2 words, example: "I Love" "I hate" "I fear."



I love the art of expression.
I hate limitations of any kind. 
I fear never having been felt. 
I hope there is a Heaven. 
I hear music all the time. 
I crave human understanding. 
I regret ever hurting anyone.
I cry for abused children. 
I care too deeply sometimes. 
I always breathe. 
I feel alone in my solitude but dig it muchly. 
I listen closely to the lyrics of jazz. 
I hide my deepest pain from others. 
I drive some people crazy. 
I dance when I walk, yo... 
I write because it lets my soul sing. 
I act like a gentleman, most times. 
I miss the people I’ve lost. 
I eat new KNOWLEDGE. 
I drink vodka martinis, str8-up w/ a twist. 
I learn that life continues presenting new lessons. 
I feel I am a work in progress. 
I know a Creator exists. 
I sleep with dreams as constant companions. 
I wonder why I don’t have wings to fly. 
I want to heal. 
I worry about the future. 
I have a cosmos in me.
I fight my insecurities. 
I need to purge sometimes.
 I am a human being w/a throat full of song. 
I think I will sing.
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