I've seen pictures of your children

I've seen pictures of your children
No ordinary family photos, these
Pedro's small body
Beaten beyond recognition
Lita's head
Several yards away from her corpse
Tio Pepe's hand never found
And your grandmother?
Or was it your grandmother's face
Too battered to be recognized

Your family killed
Because they were in war
To speak ensures guilt
To live, breathe
Signals subversion

Every morning you put on your white cap of strength
Pass the day listening to others
Who've lost their children and husbands
Marching in the streets
Sitting outside Romero's tomb

Death shadows you, disguised as white-shirted men
With Ray-Ban sunglasses
You push on

Those who come to you stay
March with you through the streets
Demanding your loved ones back
Daring others to add their voices to yours
Until Washington hears
And delivers your hearts
Back to you 

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