My Good Friend Barry



A short eulogy poem of a friend of 40 years taken by cancer

A small lad in the playground with a slightly crooked grin,

His candle shines so brightly it’s very rarely dim.

The flame is scattered across his friends it’s a lovely sight,

This young boy called Barry plays with lots of might.

His spirit and his effort it doesn’t go unseen,

He’s a chosen player for the football team.

I’m left back in the school eleven & Barry’s on the right,

We play throughout a season unbeaten with delight.

Champions Yes we are, and not just in this side,

Through lots of special moments a friendship very wide.

Holidays at home & Holidays abroad,

Clubs & pubs & Festivals his friends around adored.

Scooterthons in summer from the Holy Tree,

This guys a Brentford fan that one could call a Bee.

Bungee jumps & Cricket stumps & rafting in North Wales,

Lots of fun & lots of laughter O so many Tales.

The flame began to flicker but it still is shone bright,

This good friend called Barry wouldn’t leave without a fight.

He’s battled on regardless still with lots grace,

Let’s celebrate his life today his friendship has been Ace.

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