Heteronormative Dictator



Did you fancy girlsWhen you were 13?Did anyone try to say,No you must be gay? So you know betterThan the boy himself.Your heteronormativePrivilege dictatesHe has no rightTo say who he isHimself. He must be confused.How can anyone knowThey are gay?H...

Did you fancy girls
When you were 13?
Did anyone try to say,
No you must be gay?

So you know better
Than the boy himself.
Your heteronormative
Privilege dictates
He has no right
To say who he is

He must be confused.
How can anyone know
They are gay?
How did you know
you were straight?

How dare you
His right to know
His own feelings,
His own desires.

Imagine yourself
At 13,
Those first awakenings
To your adult identity.
Your first crush,

By the arrogance
Of those
Who see not
Your heart.

©Janey Colbourne 2017

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