Poetry about the downward spiral of addiction.

The wolf howls to the witches hour.
The gatekeeper comes out to play.
Its time to assist the souls of the abyss
who have been chosen as the devils prey.

The needle is loaded
Pull the trigger the grim reaper yells
It's time to take you on a journey
Through the fires of hell

You will sacrifice your loved ones
Lie and cheat and steal
Loose every inch of self respect
Have wounds that will never heal.

Come dance with the devil
For this moment will come to pass
Remember there has been others before you
Your not going to be the last.

A little taste to start with
Then your hunger will grow
Loose your life's purpose
Your friends will become your foes

I will take everything
There's nothing you can do
I need to feed my famine
It comes from people like you

Don't try to disown me
Don't be foolish and weak
Your going to want me more and more
I am yours to keep

And when you think you can fight me
You better think again
You will never be the hero
But I will always be your heroin.


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