If I Could Turn Back Time



guilt/ uncertainty/ revenge

If I could turn back time

I would do so in a flash

All my errors, my grave wrongdoings

Banished from our lives

Daily apologies, meaningless words

Unable to purge the darkness

Unable to eradicate the shame

Unable to absolve the pain

You say you forgive me

Your eyes tell a different story

The hurt remains

Floating below the surface

Refusing to wilt

Winter lies in your heart

Cold, frosty, grey, undying

Sharpness bites your tongue

Tinted with ire, feebly concealed

Doors slammed in my face

Feeding of my shame

My unquestionable guilt

You hold all the cards

A matchless hand

That unfamiliar crooked smile

Both of us knowing

If I could turn back time

I would do so in a flash

Failing with puppy dog eyes

Charm no longer an option

You keep me hanging on

Toying with my emotions

Prolonging the pain

Perfect payback

The sweet taste of revenge

It's the least I deserve

If only I could turn back time



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