From the deep



/ poetry

12/5/16 compilation



Hard throat,

sore and dry.



The words stick,

sticks scratch,








Babies sleep,

quiet and small,

in the night.

Under cover of darkness,

they lie,

like dreams.

Soft and light,

sweet and warm.

Feed them love.




Two of each,

this is the dream,

two of each.


Each sister to

have a brother

and a sister.


Each brother to

have a sister

and a brother.


We have named them,

though we are yet to create them...

they exist in our hearts.




Silver and gold...

silver and gold.

Close my eyes and I see her.

Bright burning eyes,

Too smart by half.


A heart too big,

for dreaming,

eyes too big,

for seeing truth,

skin so soft it feels like love.




Through the test

of real challenge...

we stride.

Deservedly arrogant chins raised,

stern, strong, knowing eyes

staring straight ahead.

Steps state confidence.

We walk, strong together,

because we face

and we 





Letters spin,

like leaves,

a word devil,

with a life of its own...

Crossing my mind,

dancing across

my inner vision,

clouding my mind...


These many things

clouding my mind;

like your eyes

and your lips

and your arms.

These thoughts get hauled

up from the abyss,

of me lost in you.

Up over the edges

and overhangs,

bumping and scraping all the way...

It is easy to say things 

from my heart,

but hard to think

around you.

And I think you know it

and can't help

but use it.


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