Dying in My Timeline



Sentiments on social media, recent murders and injustices in our times.

I watched you die
Wasn’t there next to you
Nowhere in your site
Just on my cell phone
Watching you die
While the next meme followed in my timeline
I saw your family cry
I’ve never met them
Don’t even know anyone who knows them
Saw them on YouTube
While going through recommended videos

I tuned into your hashtag
Followed it for a few minutes
Liked a few tweets
But didn’t retweet
Hit the arrow on the top left
And went back to my timeline
After I watched you take your last breath

You lay lifeless
Not fortunate enough to die in the energy of love
Immortalized in the death of many
But many isn’t enough for change

Ever a hashtag
Sustained by newsreels, half-hearted court cases, likes and retweets
Until I watch the next you die in my timeline

Worse yet, I’ll read of their demise in a headline
No video evidence of the crime
Just last week a man lost his testicles, teeth and life
After a routine stop on the highway
The story didn’t trend or make it into my timeline

Candace D. Henry

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